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#StayHomePortrait with

Lena Jasmin 

© Copyright of Artist

First off, How are you?


I’m well. I’m off work at the moment. The weather has warmed up and I’m spending my days on my balcony and out in nature with my camera. 


As an artist, what are your thoughts on living in isolation? 


Isolation in moderation is good for the soul. But like a lot of things in life, too much can be bad for the soul. 


Is that frustrating for you creatively or can it be a source of inspiration?


To be honest life was fairly isolated for me up in Anglesey before the virus. Not much has changed with regards to my photography - I'm still going out for my daily walk / shoot in the evenings. But now that I'm not working and we can't leave the house as much, I've had more time to experiment, play and have fun with my camera indoors. Knowing that everyone is going through the same thing gives me motivation and seeing real community in action is inspiring.


You created a series of self-portraits for our #stayhomeportrait challenge. How has creating during a pandemic influenced how you look at yourself? 


We are in an important historical time at the moment. The whole world is upside down. And that feeling is permeating all my photos at the moment. Documenting myself during this time is my way of adding to the narrative I guess. Maybe my future generations will look at these photos and talk about the time we were all in lockdown and how it changed the world. Hopefully we’ll come out of it stronger, more compassionate and with a bit more integrity in our lives. Then the photos will be a diary of that transformation even if only on a personal level.


What are your thoughts on being an empath during this time?


Being an empath has advantages and disadvantages. We have the power to really understand others' feelings and offer advice and support. But at the same time we can become overwhelmed with everybody’s energies, wants and needs, to the point that it can ruin us and ultimately others. My advice is to keep feeling and giving because it's a gift, but also to dedicate energy to yourself - channel the empathy into something expressive and/or artistic that builds a stronger identity of yourself. You can give away as many golden eggs as you can, but you can't give away the goose that’s laying them.


#StayHomePortrait with Lena Jasmin

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