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#StayHomePortrait with

Lilia Carlone

© Copyright of Artist

Hey Lilia! How are you? 

Hi! Strangely dark times for my country, I'm safe and well at home, as everybody in my country and a lot of other places too, I'm doing what I'm asked to for the safety of everyone, do the same, please!

Art has the potential to inspire hope. Has it been true for you during these times? How are you finding hope?

Yes, it is. I'm working hard to not let my soul and me down to bad thoughts and moods. I am practicing yoga every day and reading books, watching movies, and looking a lot to my works, trying to organize it even if it's really hard. I think that we should remain calm and relaxed, not looking at the news so often and try to work on your inside since the outside is forbidden.

Also, stay in contact with the loved ones (i figured out that this can be hard too since we are available 24/7 I'm giving to my self a schedule to dedicate some times to do so, when I have mental time to do it, and not always in anytime).

I'm working really hard to remain peaceful and hopeful, negativity and sadness are not useful for this kind of situation.

What are your thoughts on living in isolation at the moment?

I think we really needed to spend some time with ourselves. As we are a labor-based society, everything was so fast and so unaware of how we were behaving, planet earth is breathing thanks to this, and it's crazy to think that it took an epidemic to put a stop to this disaster. 
Even if it's forced and not chosen, we should take this time as an opportunity to dedicate to our souls and surroundings some more attention than we usually do.

I am curious as to how you have altered your day-to-day life in Italy. How are you adapting to or surviving this intense environment?

I'm staying at home. I'm doing a lot of stuff I always think about like "I will do it tomorrow." I've finally had time to do it, so I'm taking it as a positive as I can. I stopped work like everyone in my industry. And we don't know when we'll be able to start working again, as a cinema industry workers, we are a little bit worried but hopeful thanks to the economic help that our government is setting up to the entertainment workers and similar working fields. 
I'm doing a photo project with my home mate and friend Martina during this time, that I can't wait to show you.

Is it an important time to be an artist? What are your thoughts?

Absolutely yes, even I felt so little at the beginning of this nightmare, like I was useless and not important at all, for the world, the people, the sick, and the scared. We should remember that we are important even we are not saving lives. We might not be doctors or similar, but we are important for feeding souls and brains; we are essential to nurturing hope and trust, with the beauty and creativity we can do. And the last thing, we should remember that from dark times a lot of masterpieces were created, this is a unique and very rare historic moment, and we should try to take the best from it.

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