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Interview, Louis Dazy-

A Nostalgic Experience


Louis, how often do you dream?

Usually two or three times a week, they’re very vivid dreams I often talk or get up in my sleep. 

While dreaming you can never doubt that the dream is a dream - the dream becomes a reality as good as any, sometimes even greater. For you, what’s the relationship between dreaming and your reality? Doesn’t dreaming make you unconscious of yourself?

Though it happened to me a few times when having really fucked up dreams my mind would just « let me feel » that it is just a dream and I have to wake up because it’s way too intense to endure, I do agree that most of the time you never doubt that the dream is a dream. I think dreaming is the only way to explore your inner/subconscious thoughts.

..and are you recreating the moods that you have experienced in your dreams through your work?

What’s funny though is that I never experience anything visual worth remembering in my dreams, it’s all very dull, kinda dark but not interesting at all. My dreams are usually made of really intense primary feelings like love, fear, loss, so when I wake up usually is what happened in the dream and feeling but mainly the feeling, I can wake up and not remember what I just dreamt of but feel really bad or well good depending on the dream. And yes I’ve used these feelings to create through my photos. 

Your work is capable of creating a nostalgia for the viewer, perhaps because your subjects look immersed in it. If you were to speak of your subjects or your portrayal of these moments, this nostalgia - is it a longing to go beyond emotions or go beyond the world? 

I’m not too sure, but I’ve had a few people telling me I make them feel weirdly nostalgic from times to times, I think that’s awesome, to be honest. I experience nostalgia at least once a day, it makes me feel like life is worth it, it keeps me sane in a way I guess, it can strike at any given time, if I’m outside I’ll just stop and sit on a bench for an hour, if I’m at home I’ll just shut the blinds and lay in bed, I don’t really know how to describe what it does to me but since I was a kid I always knew it was something, I mean it vibes through my whole body, it’s really powerful, it’s only when I started to be creative that I found out I can feel it when doing something special, I guess it vibes through the people I’m with when shooting. It’s definitely a longing to go beyond emotions and beyond the world, it’s what keeps me moving and it’s what keeps me introspecting, it leads my life most of the time.

If you were to draw a spectrum of unconsciousness to consciousness, where would you put an Artist? What makes art a medium to walk towards home?

I guess it depends on the artist, I can’t really speak for others but I can speak for me at least, I’d put myself 80% unconsciousness - 20% consciousness, when I take photos it all happens in the moment, I barely plan anything, it’s just when I feel something feels right I’m shooting if not I’m not shooting. The thing is that there’s not much to say about my creativity, the way I work, I mean I couldn’t give a master-class, I can’t even explain to myself cause I just know the basics of photography, it’s all about I feel this is right, I don’t know why but I do so I’m gonna do it, I’m a reaaaaaaally intuitive person, I mean really, my brain doesn’t process shit, it just feels and that can be a problem sometimes.

Now, let’s talk about how you create what you create - mostly, the double exposures on film. Was that an accident or an intentional move towards developing your style?

First one was an accident, though I’ve heard of the technique before, I was shooting a friend’s band in France and it came out great so I just decided to try it more until it became most of my work, it can be really hard to work that technique around, it’s already hard to take a good shot, imagine having to take two good shots in a row, so it’s been a long journey to achieve what I’m doing now but I’m loving it so it was worth it.

Could you talk to us in detail about how you work with lights at different times of the 24 hour day?

Well, it’s quite simple, I almost never shoot in daylight because I can’t, I’m really bad at shooting in daylight, it just doesn’t fit my mood/nostalgia feeling unfortunately so I’m sticking with night/sunset shots.

The setting, that helps immensely in creating a base for the colors to remain substantial. How do you work with your locations?

It’s a bit like I told you before, I don’t really work anything out, I’m usually just roaming the streets with friends and if I see a good spot with a nice lighting we’ll just stick around for a bit, I’ll shot a couple photos and that’s about it. See that’s the problem when you only feel and don’t process how you work, I can’t explain stuff and be useful to other people cause I don’t even really understand the process myself.

Before we ask you our last question, could you share your current playlist with us? The music that you would create to, or have sex to. 

Sure, I FUCKING LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME ABOUT WHAT MUSIC I LIKE, cause honestly, music is my #1 source of inspiration, I can listen to 6 to 8 hours of music a day and I like sharing it with my friends. 
Current playlist, OKAY I KNOW IT’S A LONG ONE but hey been working on this since last year.  A playlist to create, I know the title speaks for itself. 
Song to have sex to, The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fingertips, it’s usually my go to song for sex.

Lastly, what would you suggest from your learnings to an aspiring photographer? 

Take what’s inside of you, fears, passions, anything that makes you feel on a deeper level and use it to create, i think that’s the key to your work being honest and honesty is key in any kind of art, if you’re not honest we can tell and it’s not gonna work.


Interview with Louis Dazy

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