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#StayHomePortrait with

Chantal Convertini

© Copyright of Artist
© Copyright of Artist
Chantal Convertini (@Paeulini) Uncensored / #StayHomePortrait

Hey, Chantal! First off, how are you?

A good question. Before the lockdown, I was traveling through Spain and France and I was really glad to come home. So that made the first week fly by very quickly. I missed home, I missed taking self-portraits. But of course, I also missed my friends and family and I still miss them as text, calls and video calls are just not the same thing.

Since your exhibitions and workshops are postponed due to the pandemic. How are you navigating yourself these days?

It was really a shock that everything went down so quickly. One day I was like this is never going to happen, and the other day there was this complete lockdown. So I'm still trying to accept and find new solutions. I try to focus on the book that is almost finished and I try to make slight plans for after the pandemic. But in the meantime, I just create a lot. It's basically the only real thing left to do for me.

What are your thoughts on isolation and overthinking? 

I am a natural overthinker. I ruminate a lot and it's not really healthy to think too much, as anything that is too much is no good. But in the end, I hope a catastrophe like this that forces isolation and being alone or forces to stay close with people inside for a very long time will reveal a lot of truths. might be inconvenient, or sad, but in the end, these realizations are important and always a good start for change. and change is hard and difficult that's why we shy to follow through, but in the end we will be grateful for it. So I think for many it is the first time to really think about stuff that is going on in themselves and find out if they are really on the right path.


How do you think we can ease the frustration of being isolated?

Frustration will come up naturally from time to time. As highly social animals we are just not made for isolation. And especially in a city, it's tough as it has not really much from a soothing solitude as you may have alone in nature. nonetheless, there are ways to try to stay grateful for things and to try to find what feels good for you. Creating and working on something is certainly not wrong. 

How are you taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally? 

Well, emotionally I try to stay in a creative process, solving emotional issues was always part of my art. I just write a lot more than I used to do alongside photography, Physically is a bit harder. I used to ride my bike every day around the city and I'm used to be really active and I can feel my back suffering from being only at home. Trying to do some yoga every day does keep me at least in minimal motion. But that's really something I look so much forward: to go swim, hike and just a lot more movement. Mentally I'm doing fine. I'm a pessimist in love, but for everything else, I am definitely an optimist and I got a lot more relaxed for things that are not in my hands and I just trust the universe that it's gonna be fine.

Chantal Convertini (@Paeulini) Uncensored / #StayHomePortrait
Chantal Convertini (@Paeulini) Uncensored / #StayHomePortrait
Chantal Convertini (@Paeulini) Uncensored / #StayHomePortrait

#StayHomePortrait with Chantal Convertini

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