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Having Kirill Pobedeen on the Collector Spotlight is a no-brainer. Kirill has been a tremendous force in supporting the (SEVEN VII by waytoomad) project, and he's a phenomenal artist who continuously experiments and tests the possibilities of what's possible when you create art on the blockchain. 


We learn about Kirill's origins, vision, and collecting philosophy. And to make it all very special, we also talk about the inspiration behind Pobedeen's SuperRare genesis.  

Published by waytoomad on September 9, 2022


Triptych: Hesitation. Numbness. Elevation by Pobedeen on SuperRare

Hey Kirill, Thank you for joining us and for your immense support for the "SEVEN VII by waytoomad" collection. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?


Hello! Absolutely happy to support such a wonderful project! I've been doing photography for over six years now. It started consciously during my student life. And it was a kind of hobby, to be honest; at first, I wanted to prove to my girlfriend (now my wife) that I could shoot no worse than her. I didn't notice at all how it turned into something much bigger. Modeling agencies, commercial clients, and major brands, but I always lacked creativity budgets in a sense I saw it. And commercially, it was not interesting for clients due to the weak development of the photography market in my region.


Did your mother first introduce you to the art of photography? I am curious how her work has influenced your creativity. Is it correct that she was your assistant on your recent project? 


Yes, she opened the world of photography to me for the first time. It was in one of the workshops in India. That's when I picked up the camera; mostly, it was textured portraits of local residents. I got pretty carried away with it but quickly burned out when our trip ended. I was just a kid, you know, the kind who is interested in everything new. She is a master of documentaries. I really think she is the best photographer of this genre that I know. I, in turn, love studio photography and artificial light. This is my element, so yes, she was my assistant on the last project because she was interested in seeing how the interior kitchen of this direction of photography is arranged from the inside.



What was the main inspiration behind your genesis drop on SuperRare? Please share some details about the whole process. 


I have just released a trade on this topic. There really is something to see. But if you try to put everything short enough, this project is a way to express inner feelings and recent life events, a traumatic experience that, despite its painfulness, gave me a completely new self. Changed my attitude toward life. It happens when many different components you wanted to shoot add up to a single puzzle thanks to personal stories, and a sketch on paper turns into a personal tale captured through my lens.


You are also a fantastic writer. Does your writing help you become a better visual artist? 


I can't say I see a direct connection with this, but my inner prose helps me compose colorful images and visualize those metaphors and themes I sometimes write about.


In the last few months, not only have you sold out several drops, but you have also collected many photography NFTs. What's your collecting philosophy; how do you select which piece you want to buy?


It's always an impulse, definitely. There is no definite taxonomy. Sometimes I collect the works of friends I want to support, those who recently came to the space. Sometimes it is a clear understanding of one's own resonating with the visual language of the author. I recently acquired an artwork on SR, which cost me more than my own ATH, but I felt I loved it with every fiber of my being. Sometimes my collectibles are an excellent investment, but I don't see anything wrong with that.


Do you have any thoughts on the future of photography in the NFT space and the significance of owning crypto-art?

This is very funny because when I first came to the space, I did not understand who was buying these pictures, even for such money. It didn't last long. I didn't have time to notice how there were more than 60 works in my collection. And the focus remained on photography and other areas of art that I hadn't even taken seriously before.

What was the first NFT you fell in love with, and why?

The first job I fell in love with was this one (click to view on OpenSea) perhaps it coincided with my wife's departure to Tokyo, and the style of this work resonated so deeply in me.


Out of the three drops you own from Seven VII, which is your favorite so far? 

"Coming, Alive" is my absolute favorite at the moment! That is what I call overdelivering.

Coming, Alive.jpg

Coming, Alive #5/10, Owned by Pobedeen

Do you think it's important for collectors to participate in an artist's career from the beginning, especially crypto-artists?

I think it's really important. There is nothing better than watching the success of the artists you like, especially if you are an integral part of their support. In addition, this approach also distinguishes high-quality investors from paper hands. I brought several photographers into the space whose style I like and bought their first works, which I am very proud of. This push is often necessary for any artist, especially if he just got into the space.


Do you have any advice you would like to give to novice artists and collectors?

Listen to yourself and your impulses. Intuition rarely deceives you. Create! Be diligent and hardworking! Experiment, and you will be shocked by the results.

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