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When we sought to get to know the collectors of Seven VII by waytoomad (NFTs), SilentJai was the first collector we reached due to his incredible support for the project. SilentJai owns four editions across the first two drops: "Endlessly, Love" and "Yours, Truly" from the Seven VII collection. 

We got a sense of SilentJai's collecting philosophy, how it changes across traditional and crypto-art markets and his vision for the future of NFT collaborations.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I'm a Cali native who after college got a job working for the state department and spent 12 years living abroad. Joined the private sector as part of FedEx and still live abroad after a few years back in the states. Have lived in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Kuwait, Belgium, France, France, Portugal, and so many more 

Outside of photography, you own an extensive collection of anime NFTs. Can you tell us about your appreciation of anime and your favorite anime character?

To be honest, I have different accounts for different types of art I enjoy, from anime to cars to comics. I’m a kid at heart, so I enjoy things without a care in the world. My appreciation comes from Ghost In The Shell, which was one of the first that really opened my eyes to it as a medium for storytelling. As far as the favorite character, that’s as hard as asking favorite country I’ve lived in or actor. All are unique and hit different cords. I can recall living abroad and having a coworker who never watched anime, and I got him to watch Samurai X which is the Ruroni Kenshin origin. He cried and was taken aback by the mood and music.


What was the first NFT you fell in love with, and why?

That’s tough. I saw several pieces that caught my eye from different artists; from photographers to designers to sports moments.

What are some key differences between your approach to acquiring art on the blockchain and traditional markets? 

I usually like to acquire the physical item, especially if one-off or limited print run. Living abroad, I enjoy finding a piece from each country and adding into to my collection. On the blockchain, I enjoy the fact I don’t have to travel across the globe to get or that I’m spending hours driving around or in traffic, etc.


What are your thoughts on the mainstream world's adoption of the art you own as an NFT? Do you think it's important?

As the owner of the physical original, I wouldn’t mind it at all if it supports or spreads the artist's work. When buying, I always wish NFTs had a physical representation of the item bought.

Do you think it's important for collectors to participate in an artist's career from the beginning, especially crypto-artists?

Like anything else we collect or buy, some people come in late, some leave and come back, so as long as it’s built with new or old supporters, the work matters most.

While platforms like Instagram and Flickr brought broader distribution to photography, NFTs bring ownership and control to photography consumption. What do you think the future holds for photography NFTs, the century's most widely consumed art form?

I hope to see prints to coincide with digital so we have pieces to share on walls and in the digital world. Something to be said about an artist's physical note or signature on work gives extra value to the item. Think future artwork will evolve as NFT contracts allow work to change or evolve, as will photography. Imagine owning a low print mint that becomes a collaboration piece with another artist. Your given option to burn for new or hold, possibilities for exclusivity and uniqueness are there. As an artist, the millions of ways contrast, color, etc play into your work is limited by what you release with NFTs. You can show them all!

Do you have any advice you would like to give to novice collectors?


Collect what you love, not what people say you need. Because at the end of the day, it’s your collection and a piece of you. My love for comics, cars, art, sports, photography, etc, is represented in my different wallets and collections. 

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